"Great company! I was having a problem for awhile and I called a couple other plumbing companies before I called Pritchard’s. One wanted to charge me an arm and a leg, the other couldn’t tell me when they would be able to help.  I called Pritchard Bros and they were so nice and kind and helpful. They were able to get to my house the next day and they fixed the issue with no problems at all. They cleaned up afterwards even though part of it was a mess they didn’t make. I would definitely recommend this company. Great company, great people. Will definitely call again if I have problems!!"

- Jennifer Sievers



“Upon returning home from work one evening (during one of our recent extreme cold snaps), I discovered water running in my basement and the thermostat heading toward 50 degrees. I called a close friend who advised me to call Pritchard Bros.  Shortly I had two very capable men working in my basement. An hour later the broken pipes were replaced and the temperature was going back up in the right direction.  After a little more fine tuning a few days later, Mike Pritchard came out and checked everything one last time, and it was all good to go!  I had never used Pritchard Bros. before, but now they are on my speed dial.  I am a very satisfied and warm customer."

- Jane McGriff





“I have lived in Boone for 13 years and Pritchard has always been there for me and many times above and beyond the regular scope of their job. Over the years, they have replaced my furnace, central air conditioning unit, my crushed sewer pipe. There quality of work has always been excellent. They answered all my questions and did all jobs in the time they told it would take. I had a leaky faucet that they fixed with no charge. Keep up the great work Pritchard Bros!!!”

– Connie



“When we first moved into our home, I inherited a major brand furnace.  We had problems with it so I called the business from which it was purchased.  We couldn’t get anybody to come and fix it, so I called Pritchard Brothers.  Even though it was not purchased from them, they came to our house and repaired it that night.  Also, the other business would not do an annual check-up.  When our furnace finally quit working, without any questions we purchased a new one from Pritchard Brothers.  Later, we also purchased central air from them.  And recently, we needed to buy a water heater.  The price was right, and I could count on them for their excellent service.  We can always count on them.  Thank you.  A loyal customer.”

- Arlen Shafer



“Your guys did a nice job of explaining everything to me.  They left some radon test kits that I will do when I’m back from Chicago in 10 days.  When we get these results, then maybe we can go forward with the rest of the work.  I think this a great short term solution and I thank you so much for working through it with me this morning.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, that same village is needed to keep an old widow going too!!  I hate having so many complicated issues, but it sure is nice to have people that I can count on to help me find and implement solutions.  I look forward to completing this in the spring.  You and your guys are excellent!! Thanks so much”

- Jill B.